Supporting Our Players

Making his debut this week at Ally Pally is our own Ben Robb after winning the DPNZ qualifier earlier this year. The nations only representitive at the 2020 World Darts Championship in London. He'll face Ron Meulenkamp from the Netherlands first up.

Match date/time: 1:30am Thu Dec-19NZT

Ben Robb

Ben Robb as he prepares to take on the best in the world at the 2020 World Darts Championship.

Darts Clubs in Christchurch

Darts clubs in Christchurch, under the auspices of the Canterbury Combined Chartered Clubs Darts Association (CCCCDA), provide great opportunities for individuals and families to become involved in this exciting sport at both recreational and competitive levels. Our site combines good information for newcomers to the sport with news, events calendar and results for dart players already active in Canterbury.

Darts - a Competitive Sport

At higher competition levels, darts is played by professionals. The top players tend to train athletically as well as practice their game on the dartboard. They stand to win big money in the UK competitions and the average age of the top players is in the 20-40 years age group. New Zealand sends its best players to the World Darts Championship each year and any member of a CCCCDA club is eligible to work towards this goal. At its upper levels darts is very competitive!

Bernie Smith

Christchurch's very own Bernie Smith of the New Brighton Club in action at the World Championships in December 2017.

Darts - A Social Game

The social aspect of darts is the biggest drawcard for a lot of players. No matter their "grade" they're happy to turn up and enjoy the company their sport provides. Taking part in regional competitions allows players to meet people from all across the South Island and many firm friendships are formed. Occasional travel to other areas for competitions provides an opportunity for good times and a real break from day-to-day routines. Darts is one of the few sports where you can enjoy a drink with friends while playing.

Darts - Fun for most Ages and Abilities

You don't need to be a top athlete to play darts. As long as you can throw a dart far enough to hit the board, you can play! Most of our member clubs will accept players in their mid-teens and there is no upper limit. In other words, almost anyone can play darts. It is common for husband and wife and family groups to play at their local club.

Darts - Affordable Recreation

Darts is one of the few sports that does not require a big financial commitment. Though our member clubs subscriptions vary a little, you can join up for approximately $35 per year. You will probably want to buy your own set of darts when you have some experience. The only other expenses are food, drink and travel, if appropriate. You can have an enormous amount fun and enjoyment for a very small investment.

Darts - Gender Neutral

Darts is one of very few sports where their is little distinction made between men and women at club level. Most games are played with teams selected from within their grade and take no account of gender. (There are some special events for men or women only.)

Are you interested in playing darts in the Canterbury region? Find a Darts Club near you now and learn more.